Country of origin: Россия

Style - Genre: Painting - Expressionism

Year of creation: 2020

Dimensions: 60 H x 80 W см.

Estimate: 18,000 RUB

Концепт: История о хаотичности жизни (неспокойные волны, неоновый неестественный свет). Около луны вырисовывается образ не доброй русалке, как в работе 2016 года, а рыбы, которая больше походит на глаз. Кажется, будто за нами кто-то всё время смотрит, и наша жизнь от нас не зависит. Люди на корабле видят берег, но это, возможно, и просто видение. И вот корабль уже сам как видение, растворяется во тьме. Что будет дальше никто не знает. От того и безумие.

Shipping & payment

At the moment, the seller did not indicate the cost of delivery. Coordinate the shipping and packaging method with the seller upon completion of the auction.


Accepted Payment Methods RUBThe electronic payment service ROBOKASSA allows you to make payments using bank cards, in a variety of "electronic currencies" - WMZ, WME, WMU, RBK Money and many others; through the Internet bank of the leading banks of the Russian Federation, through ATMs, etc.

Among the available methods:
  • Webmoney
  • Yandex.Money
  • Visa, QIWI Wallet
  • ATMs VTB24 and Petrocommerce
  • Cash: at the box office Euroset and Svyaznoy

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Auction scheme

  • Auctioneer (Author, seller) puts the work for auction, indicating the reserve and base prices;
  • Bidder (buyer) offers his bid, which can be either higher or lower than the base price;
  • Bets below the reserve price will not be accepted
  • If the bid is higher or equal to the base price, the buyer becomes the winner of the auction and makes an advance payment in the amount of the established auction fee;
  • If the buyer has chosen Prepayment, he shall pay the Seller the remaining amount in the manner established by them;
  • If the bid is below the base price, the Seller has the choice to agree with the rate or not;
  • If the seller agrees with the proposed bid, he reserves the lot. Lot will be sold, Buyer pays for purchase at bid price;
  • At the time of payment, the Buyer and the Seller exchange contacts (E-mail and phone), discuss the delivery details and the final payment for the work;
  • Full settlement between the Seller and the Buyer can also be carried out internally using the Escrow secure transaction system. Information about the Escrow system can be found in the Terms of Use;
  • The seller submits the artwork and registers the parcel tracking code;
  • The buyer can find the tracking code in their account
  • Upon receipt of work, the Buyer evaluates the work of the Seller on a 5-point scale, what is the satisfaction (or not) of the purchase;
  • The seller also evaluates the activities of the Buyer and leaves a short comment in his address;
Details of the auction work scheme can be found here.

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Морское безумие


18,000 RUB (273 USD)

18,000 RUB

Delivery by courier or mail
3 day money-back guarantee
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