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Aleksandr Klyuyanov
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Zaporozhye - Украина

About my art works. Printed on special nice paper - $250, printed on canvas - $570. Pigment paints do not fade. In oil/acrylic – $2700; exclusive copyright (the legal right to print and publish) - $5500. The artwork may be available for purchase in various print sizes. Proportional size on request - up to 1000 mm – the longest side. Keep in mind, please: printed works can be ready for delivery in two weeks or so, works in oil or acrylic – not less than in a month. About 3000 works. Ready to cooperate in organizing my personal exhibition and selling my paintings on mutually beneficial terms.

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I am self-taught, active in art for about 20 years.
Выставки & Мастерклассы
5 one-man exhibitions.

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Выставки & Мастерклассы

5 one-man exhibitions.
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