How It Works - ArtsLand Auction House of Contemporary Art

How the auction works

The auction house is a convenient service, an online auction for artists and art lovers, which allows you to sell and buy work from the artist's hands at a real price on an auction basis.
The auction at ArtsLand differs from other online auctions in that the Auctioneer (the author of the work, the seller) chooses the buyer from the stated bids. Here the winner is not the one who offers a great price, but the one whom the Artist chooses.
The works presented on the site are sold in auction mode or at a fixed price.
Auctions operate according to the Dutch auction scheme, where the base price is known to the participants and is the marginal price of winning. Participants may offer bids below the base price, but not below the reserve.
Base price is the price of an instant purchase and is visible to all participants.
Reserve price - the minimum price of the lot and is not visible to bidders.

Where to start the seller

If you want to sell works of art from the category: painting, graphics, sculpture, jewelry, decorative art, author's doll, etc., register here.
Fill out your personal profile, portfolio, set the Avatar (main photo), a photo of your personal page and the frequency of system alerts.
Personal Portfolio will establish a trusting relationship with customers, Avatar will help customers recognize you on other Internet resources.
The presence of Portfolio and Avatar are not mandatory conditions for the placement of works, but will accelerate the process of sale.
Do not ignore the importance of having an Avatar, a photo of your personal page or portfolio - after all, it is they who make the first impression of the serious intentions of their owner.
Place the lot at the auction, indicating the base and reserve prices, describe in detail the work technique, dimensions, and other details of the work. Do not forget to publish photos, as much as possible interest the potential buyer.
The more information you provide about the job, the more likely it is to purchase it.
As soon as your work is published, the system sends out messages to the participants who added you to your favorites about the opening of the auction.
That is why the correct filling of the profile is so important - Users add you to your favorites and be the first to know about new published works.
Do not forget to share your new work in social networks - for this there is a panel of social networks to the left of the published work.

Where to start Buyer

Are you a lover of the beautiful, want to replenish your collection with original work in a single copy at the best price for you, or make a gift to your friends? Then ArtsLand Auction House is a good choice for a good deal.
Go through the free registration of the buyer, fill out a personal profile and go through the galleries.
Did you like the work of the masters? Add them to your bookmarks. Want to be notified of new artists? Add the artist himself to your favorites and you will be the first to know about new artwork.
Place bids and follow the results of the auction. You can raise or lower your bid at any time. If your bid is higher than the price indicated at the auction, you become the winner.
Make the payment and you are the owner of a unique work. Make sure that you have correctly filled in the recipient's address where the package with your winnings will arrive.

Relations between Seller and Buyer

All relations between the author and the buyer are based on the principles of mutual respect and compliance with the rules of the ArtsLand Auction House.
The auction rules prohibit the exchange of contact data on the site by any means, including public publication or in private correspondence until the author accepts the buyer's appointment and the latter agrees to close the transaction.
All necessary contact details of the buyer are sent to the seller to send the work.
The buyer needs to fill in their contacts correctly before making a payment because these data are automatically sent to the seller at the time of payment.
Violators of this rule are removed from the system without the right to further conduct auctions on the site or make purchases.

Auction scheme in detail

1. The Auctioneer (Author, Seller) puts the work up for auction at the base price for a specified period;
2. The participant of the auction offers his bid, which can be either higher or lower than the base price;
2.1. If the bid is higher than the base price, the potential buyer becomes the winner and buys the lot at the bid price;
2.2. If the rate is lower than the base price, but higher than the reserve price, the seller has the right to reject or accept the rate. If the bid is accepted, the buyer is the winner.
3. The auctioneer makes his choice of a participant to buy his work and reserves it for the selected buyer;
3.1. The act of reservation is the consent of the seller with the offered rate;
3.2. The seller selects (appoints) the winner from his personal account (My auctions) or directly on the page for publishing the work;
4. The buyer confirms his intention to pay for the work;
4.1 The act of confirmation is the payment, which is set at 100% of the declared rate;
4.2 Payment is not subject to a commission and is not transferred to the seller until the moment the job is received and the buyer closes the transaction.
4.3 Commission fee on ArtsLand is 20% and is withheld from the seller after the transaction is closed;
5. As soon as the Buyer has made full payment, the Seller receives the buyer's contact details for the formation of the postal item of work;
6. By default, all settlements between the Seller and the Buyer are carried out within the site and do not require additional fees for the buyer.
6.1. After receiving the parcel and making sure that the work received is in accordance with the work at the auction, the buyer "releases" Escrow and the money goes to the seller's account with the established commission fees deducted;
6.2. The Escrow release act is the closing of the transaction by the buyer on the "Cart" page from the personal account;
7. The Buyer pays 100% of the value of the declared rate or the fixed price in case of One Click Sale;
8. Due to the fact that there are no auction fees at the ArtsLand auction, the buyer pays only for the bid he declared at the auction;
9. Upon receipt of the work, the Buyer evaluates the work of the Auctioneer on a 5-point scale, which will help him to receive profitable offers in the future;
10. The auctioneer (seller of the lot), in turn, also assesses the buyer's activities and leaves a short comment in his address, which is also a sign of the attentive attitude of the sellers towards their buyers;
Further information on the relationship between the Auctioneer and the Buyer and ArtsLand Auction can be found on the page The terms of participation.