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Warm Summer Be With Me

Dear artists, we invite you to participate in the Second Art Painting Competition "Warm Summer Be With Me".
Any artist can take part in the competition, all that is needed is to submit the work in the category "Contest artwork".
The winners of the contest are chosen by visitors by the maximum number of votes by voting for the picture.
Winners will receive cash prizes.

Terms of participation and conditions of the Spring contest "Warm summer be with me"

1 - An artist can exhibit an unlimited number of paintings of any genre;
2 - Both newly exhibited and already exhibited works may participate in the competition;
3 - The competition does NOT involve sold work;
4 - According to the results of voting, the winners are determined:
4.1 - Winners will be awarded One (1) First Prize, One (1) Second Prize and One (1) Third Prize;
4.2 - Each Winner receives a Winner Certificate;
5 - The prize fund is distributed among the winners in shares: First prize - 50%, Second prize - 30%, Third prize - 20%
6 - The size of the prize fund is directly proportional to the number of applications.
To put a picture on the Competition, you must select the option "Competitive work" when it is placed at auction.
Published works can also be put up for the Contest. To do this, edit the work and select the option "Competitive work".
To become a winner you need to get the maximum number of admirers of your art.
By clicking the "Vote for me" button (located in the right block of the work page) you get one vote.
Share your pictures on social networks and ask friends to vote for you.
You can invite to vote for work in the groups FaceBook, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki by clicking the corresponding button on social networks. In addition, you can send a link to your work by email. You can copy the link under the "Vote for me" button (see the previous figure) on the page of your work - copy it and send it to your friends.
Users go to the page of your work and vote for it.
Submission of works for the competition begins at 00:00 on June 04, 2020.
To ensure equal chances, voting begins at 00:00 on June 5, 2020. and ends at 00:00 on July 16, 2020.
The results of the competition will be announced within 5 working days after the end of the competition and displayed in social networks.
Participation in the competition is not only an advertisement of your work, but also the key to their successful sale.
Welcome to the "Warm Summer Be With Me" Contest.